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Tous les textes des chansons françaises sont repris dans la biographie "Phare sur Robert Lauri"


Liberty – Look at what they do in your name
Liberty – They do evil, you take the blame
Liberty – Wish that they wouldn’t spy on me
Liberty – Secret cameras I can’t see
Liberty – Not the same as celebrity
Liberty – Read about it in graffiti
Liberty – In this prison that they call life
Oh – Grab the key while you can or you pay the price
Liberty – barricades on fire everywhere
Liberty – in a hungry child’s empty stare
Liberty – For their health they will make us ill
Liberty – They don’t know it’s a sin to kill
Liberty – Find the way to your destiny
Liberty : is il possible to be free ?
Liberty – all their darkness may swallow me
Liberty – can I love my own enemy ?
Liberty : we can share our lives peacefully
Turn our back on brutality
Liberty – we should all have some happiness
Liberty – being born we were being blessed

Vivien Goldman
Liberty by JNB

Being free, to act, without constraint or submission
Our mission, it’s my vision, to dodge the establishment and prison
Liberty, to be free, depending on your own reasons,
The emptiness, of some poor kid, watching the passing of the seasons…
Exercise your will and fly using your own wings


...continued Liberty JNB

Determined and voluntary, to grant your own dreams
Conquer the liberty to live, that’s the way it’s understood,
This oppression cuts all ties, but writing remains my livelihood…
Love for liberty, it’s my turn to escape
To be able to change my life, or at least try to evade,
To have the keys, there I find refuge in the surgery of ethics
Rebuild the world, change the people, nostalgia, politics…
Free but in chains, by being off the chain and inebriated,
My life, an abandoned book, the solitude is obstinate,
My grief is but adjourned, over my life I hope to reign,
But all the flowers have wilted, and nothing remains but hurt and pain.

I still believe …   

I've left in each story of my life,
Like a bubbling spring,
The hope of thousands of joys to come,
Doors open on the light,
On all the mysteries, all the secrets of our wounds,
On our ‘do or dies', our worn out never lived dreams

I've left in each story of my life,
Some empty pages,
A pause, a silence, a break
As an expectation, another chance,
On the madmen, the sidesteps, the scars,
The broken smiles, the dead loves that nothing carries away,
the Sacrifices.

But in the immense sky, when the sun dances,
Me, I still believe, so strongly
In our salad days, in songs of hope,
Me, I still believe.

I've left a little of myself in each fine grain of sand,
Like an imprint taken over time,
A book open on the ocean.
A story without end which would be hungry, which would be cold,
A story to be read each time between the lines.


I've left a little of you,
A little of me in the gold of the world,
In the disorder of our false rounds,
Our deep fears and our lies,
Our desultory joys, our absolutes, our fusses,
Our lost glances, our wastelands, our spleens,
Our moonstones.

I've especially left, like the crazy rhythm of a sweet song,
some knowing looks against doubt and rout.

But in the immense sky,
In songs of hope,
When the sun dances,
Me, I still believe,
Me, I still believe,
So strongly, so strongly, I've kept my faith
In our salad days,
In spite of silence,
Me, I still believe.



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