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Robert Lauri : This House nouveau titre en hommage aux victimes des attentats dans le monde
Robert lauri annonce son nouveau single "Bien Sûr"

Robert Lauri New Album : Release music video "Is This An Ordinary Day ?"

Mitch Hiller and Robert Lauri new duet

Robert Lauri announces his single "Heartland"

  Robert Lauri: el álbum "State of Mind" disponible a finales de octubre

Robert Lauri: l’album “State of Mind” disponibile a fine ottobre

 Robert Lauri: Album „State of Mind“ erhältlich ab Ende Oktober

Het album State of Mind is einde oktober verkrijgbaar

The album State of Mind available end October

 L'album State of Mind disponible fin octobre

Robert Lauri announces his new album State of Mind

 In My Mind : new international duet by Diane Marino and Robert Lauri

 Robert Lauri : Single "Oh No" now available

 Robert Lauri and Mitch Hiller: Release of the Single Oh No - Extract of a New Album

 Robert Lauri and Mitch Hiller : Oh no a new single with a mysterious world

 Time is Over : International duet Andrea Dreah Pennington/Robert Lauri

 Robert Lauri : release of his new single "Un Jour...One Day..." (26/09/2011)

 Discovery of unpublished timeless musical creations 31-08-2011

 Discovery of unpublished songs 31-8-2011

Last Chance extract of the album United Souls Summer Tunes

The Great Unknown Presents (Los Angeles)

Robert Lauri Musical Universes :Release of New Single Face to Face and Launch of Summer Promotion

"Face to Face" the new single of Robert Lauri in Summer colors

New album Power in Heaven now available

Radio Live365 Robert Lauri on the Air

 China Newswire

Robert Lauri announces his new album Power in Heaven (24/7 release)

  Robert Lauri his new album Power in Heaven Publication of Monthly Newsletters on his International Musical Activity and Music Videos

Newsletter March 2011

Robert Lauri Presents His Musical Creations For The Cinema In His Album "Western And Country

I'm so afraid, a duet by Diane Marino and Robert Lauri (09/12/2010)

Robert Lauri's New Album, New Face, blends music and movie together as one

Robert Lauri : el album New Face fusiona musica y cine

L'album New Face fait le lien entre musique et cinéma

Article published in Russia

Das Album New Face von Robert Lauri jetzt erhältlich

Ya está disponible el álbum New Face de Robert Lauri

 L'album New Face di Robert Lauri ora disponibile (30/10/2010)

 Article publié en Chine, Hong Kong, Taiwan (30/10/2010)

 Robert Lauri's New Album, New Face, Is Now Available (29/10/2010)

 Robert Lauri anuncia el lanzamiento de su nuevo álbum "New Face" (13/10/2010)

Robert Lauri annonce son album "New Face" (27/09/2010)

Musique : les univers musicaux de Robert Lauri font vibrer les émotions (28/08/2010)

Robert Lauri's Musical Worlds Bring Out All Our Emotions (27/08/2010)

Réveillez-vous ! Il est temps d'arrêter de détruire notre mère la Terre ! (Le Podcast Journal Monaco 15/08/2010)

Wake up and stop the destruction of Mother Earth (15/08/2010)

Radio station on Live365 Robert Lauri on the Air (28/05/2010)

La estación de radio de Live365 Robert Lauri en el aire (26/05/2010)

  Air Dance extract of United Souls (26/4/2010) 

 Mi2N Music Industry News Network

 MusicDish e-Journal (03/02/2010)

The other side of Robert Lauri, new album - Reuters (12/10/2009)

 Fans pick tracks for
Robert's gigs

Podcast Journal Monaco (06-09-2009)

The Valdosta Daily Times (2-10-08)

Jewish Telegraph Manchester (22-08-08)