New music published in May

Never let you go, Peu importe, Ancestral, Tribal Vibration, Tear from Orient

Music clips

The music clips created by Anna Clara Passarelli were put on line on Robert Lauris channels on You Tube, Vimeo, BuzzNet, Podcast Channel, WAT TV, Metacafé, MyTaratata,
Veoh, Tudou (Chinese video site). The videos can also be shared on the sites Kewego, BuzzMoiça,, Jukebo, Official Content on Dailymotion, Reverbnation, SoundClick, Mégavideo.

The page « Like »

All the members of the page « Like » receive an email with the link to the music clip as of its
publication. This link reaches you in the menu of the messages : sub-heading “updates” if you
wish to listen to the music and watch the video.


Participate in the radio programs « Robert Lauri on the Air » has been launched. With the microphone in your PC, register your message in « Live » on the page. leave a message=>

Some tracks of the albums New Face, Western and Country and Power in Heaven have been put on line for the radio stations in all the countries on: 
- Radiodirectx
-"Last Chance" featured sur Indie Music Channel
-"SunsetDream" featured sur Indie Music Channel

Articles and press releases have been published about Roberts radio. Some examples from the source page :
-24-7 Press Release

The new album « Power in Heaven » is available from the major download stores. Information about the distribution on the page  MusicDistribution

More information on the CD s for the public in Europe, the States and all the other countries will be communicated in June.

Some examples of articles and Press Releases published departing from the article source :

24-7 Press Release
PR Inside

The Google search provides a good overview of the published pages with the keywords : Le nouvel album Power in Heaven de Robert Lauri est maintenant disponible » and « The new album Power in Heaven by Robert Lauri is now available ».



Music review published by Review You – Mike Morgan on the album
=> see music reviews

We share with you some other examples on the song Blueland :
Devon Jackson :
Mr. Laun
I love this thing. It's out there but in its own special way. And really fun.“Heavens to Murgatroyd! This is so f'n cool!”
D Jackson

JD Wood :
I hear really interesting sounds and melodies in your tune. It definitely would fit the "lounge" market, which is always searching for good instrumental music. It has a nice mood and build up. Keep on going this way, I like it.

All the best, JD

Interactive Newsletter

This Newsletter is interactive and you can communicate with Robert on the released songs in the
forum link below.

Newsletter by Linda Vranken, agent of Robert Lauri.

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